We at John 15:16 are a non-denominational mission organization that started a mission outreach in Haiti in 2002. We are located in the small coastal town of Montrouis about 60 miles north of Port-Au-Prince. The trip from the airport usually takes an hour and a half.

As a mission organization we have tried to position ourselves in the forefront of cutting edge ideas and trends that 21st century missions will need to operate under.

As we see it these are not new at all but represent as affirmation of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. These are some of the core values that we believe in:

* We believe that God calls each of us to go into the world and be a shining light, to love and be generous with our lives, and to transform those around us by our positive example of Jesus’ life.

* We believe that God expects every believer in every country to be involved in His work and to unleash the gifts He has given to them to accomplish it.

* We believe that God wants to rise up “nationals” from many countries to be missionaries and plant churches not only in their own countries but others where they can be easily accepted into the culture.

* We believe that God wants to use this generation of youth in mighty ways and is calling them to get involved in ways that are unique to their generation.

At G.A.P. Ministries we have some distinct ministry outreaches to accomplish these core values. These ministries are built around the basics of Jesus’ life.

Discipleship Training– we believe the education and training of believers into mature disciples was at the core of Jesus’ ministry. We hope to see Haitians and others get involved in mission work and church planting because of their training.

Samaritan Outreach- caring and sharing, meeting the needs of others, by giving help to orphaned children in the community, bibles for Haiti, community awareness and community projects.

Evangelism Outreach- sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with unbelievers. We use ministry teams and work teams from the states to assist missionaries and maturing Haitian disciples to evangelize the un-churched or new believers through music, sports, revivals, drama, teaching and mutual or partnership construction projects.

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Our Mission Statement:

We believe the love of God should not be kept a secret. Based on the life and teachings of Jesus we are to: Go into the world and be a shining light, to love the people and be generous with our lives, and to transform the world be being a positive influence.

People reach people by engaging, educating, and empowering disciples to go and produce fruit that will last.

Matthew 9:38 “Pray to the Lord, who owns the harvest, that he will send more worked to gather His harvest.”